Strategic Advisory

IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans helps shipping clients manage, optimize and leverage their carbon exposure. We offer bespoke advisory services and market access for carbon products both driven by government mandates and voluntary pledges.

We provide complete carbon strategies encompassing the full emissions cycle including calculations, trade execution and external communication. Drawing on our in-depth industry knowledge and experience, we provide insight into the opportunities that may arise from up-coming policy and legislative changes, as well as carbon pricing compliance & trading strategies. In combination with our global network, we can provide clients with immediate and longer-term bespoke solutions to suit their specific needs.

Voluntary Markets

Driven by the global challenge of fighting climate change, corporations and governments are setting ambitious emissions reduction targets. While reducing your own emissions should always be the priority, offsets can be a way to achieve emission reductions quicker and at lower cost.

IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans has the expertise required to structure a variety of offset transactions tailored to a shipping company’s or charterer’s specific needs. We have established strong relationships with high-quality offset project owners, carbon offset suppliers and developers around the world.

Through a global network of offices and partners, IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans sources only high-quality offsets from projects using the most reliable offset standards and registries. We help clients build and implement carbon offsets portfolio tailored for each individual customer’s needs. We provide support and due diligence on the offsets we propose, to ensure that buyers are purchasing only high-quality offsets, thus mitigating any potential reputational risks.

Working with us helps you create and implement a high-quality carbon offset project:

  • Gold Standard & Verified Carbon Standard
  • Due diligence and evaluation
  • Technical project inspections
  • Market analysis
  • Structured deals & execution

Compliance Markets

We advise the shipping sector on preparing for their future exposure and compliance under EU ETS and other possible mandatory carbon pricing regimes.

We can offer training workshops on carbon markets including the risks & opportunities of carbon pricing. We further monitor and provide updates of key national and international regulatory developments.

We partner with clients for them to understand better the carbon market, looking at price drivers, different trading approaches, develop carbon pricing compliance strategies, provide instant updates on significant market developments and changes to carbon prices. We further provide analysis of future compliance costs based on forecasted emissions and allowance prices, provide lobbying support to entities to optimise their compliance positions.

Markets Analysis

IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans’ experience and knowledge of carbon markets enables us to offer shipping industry clients up-to-date and unique insights into carbon price movements.

  • Weekly updates on policy and fundamental drivers
  • Special Policy Reports
  • Technical Analysis Reports
  • Live development analysis

    Voluntary Offset Biweekly Update

    EUA Weekly Fundamentals

    EU Technicals

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